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„The Voice of a Fortress“
27.12. to 29.1.
Fortress Kufstein

The castle breaks its silence. Its rock comes to life.

Lichtfestival - The Voice of a Fortress


From 27 December 2022 to 29 January 2023, the audiovisual production “The Voice of a Fortress” is about more than just visual and acoustic experiences at the Kufstein Fortress. In the truest sense of the word, it raises its voice, takes the audience on a multimedia foray through its changing history and creates impulses to learn from the past.

Although our fortress speaks German, a printed translation of the content allows international visitors to enjoy the show as well.

The old walls have experienced a lot in the almost 1000 years of their history. The fortress Kufstein was often the focus of history and was a hotly contested object between Bavaria and Tyrol. Wars of succession, peasant uprisings, the Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy, world wars and finally a longer period of peace until modern tourism. Now visitors can share in the wealth of experience of the landmark on the Inn. The castle breaks its silence.

On a tour, the castle accompanies the audience to particularly important and emotional places and lets them share the lessons of history.

The stations: experiences from the past, thoughts for the futureThe encounter with the voice of the castle begins with the ride on the panoramic railway. Upstairs, the audience is welcomed in the courtyard. From there we continue to the herb garden and through the long rock path to the secret heart chamber inside the fortress rock. The voice tells from the past how life used to be, what hardships people had to bear. Large-scale projections bring wall areas to life so that the castle can tell us its message. The heroic organ also plays an important role in this mystical excursion. Its sounds accompany the story with music, because this 90-year-old instrument, which with its five thousand pipes represents the largest free organ in the world, is a voice with which the castle speaks to the people every day and warns for peace.

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