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„The Voice of a Fortress“
27.12. to 30.1.
Fortress Kufstein

The castle breaks its silence. Its rock comes to life.

About the Lichtfestival

From 27 December 2021 to 30 January 2022, the audiovisual production “The Voice of a Fortress” is about more than just visual and acoustic experiences at the Kufstein Fortress. In the truest sense of the word, it raises its voice, takes visitors on a multimedia tour through its eventful history and creates impulses to learn from the past. The castle breaks its silence. And it’s not just a voice, it’s going to be a surprising multimedia experience. The “Light Festival – The Voice of a Fortress” offers visitors an unusual, multi-sensual experience. “The castle takes interested people by the hand, guides them on a tour of particularly important and emotional places and lets them share the lessons of history”, says Kufstein’s concept developer Klaus Reitberger, describing the approximately 50-minute audiovisual foray through the fortress. The Viennese agency Lumine Projections is responsible for the technical implementation, which specializes in large-format panoramic projections and 3D video mappings adapted to the architecture, with which buildings and spaces are artistically staged.

Concept and Script

Klaus Reitberger About the person: Born in Kufstein, studied physicist and philosopher, well-known theatre maker and author, municipal councilor and cultural consultant. More information: klaus-reitberger. com”When I was asked to come up with a narrative for the light festival at the Kufstein fortress, it was clear to me that I didn’t want to create an artificial story for our castle. Reality is fascinating enough. Our castle is a complex structure of rocks, walls and rocks that is up to 1000 years old. What has happened around it in all that time? Could the castle speak, it knows a lot to tell. So let’s give it a voice! As a timeless observer, as a compassionate witness of the centuries, the castle speaks to us humans as part of the Festival of Light. It tells us about the changes that have taken place in the city and country around it. In large-scale projections, accompanied by organ music, the castle takes us on a journey through the past into the future. In this way it gives us hope and confidence, but also awakens a spirit of departure and courage to change. Our light festival “The Voice of a Fortress” an emotional departure into the new calendar year. “

The Castle and her Voice

The voice of the castle is still a secret. So much we can reveal: it is a voice that everyone knows, but it certainly offers a surprise.

The Hero's-Organ and her Organist

The hero’s organ is played every day at noon over Kufstein and can be heard in appropriate weather conditions as far as neighbouring Bavaria and the peaks of the Kaisergebirge. Johannes Berger, curator of the Hero Organ Kufstein, has come up with something very special for the light festival.

About the Event


Organizer is Standortmarketing Kufstein GmbH The core project team is composed as follows: Project Management, Finance: Thomas Ebner, Standortmarketing Stv. Project Management, Interfaces: Sabine Mair, Tourismusverband Kufsteinerland Event Management Processes: Birgit Berger, Standortmarketing / City of Kufstein Event Management Locations: Emanuel Präauer / Thomas Holzer, Fortress Kufstein Event Management Technology: Gabriel Hirner, TR Events Communication: Barbara Kaiser, Tourismusverband Kufsteinerland Artistic Direction: Klaus Reitberger Project Management and Assistant: Eva Chipo Pichler, Standortmarketing

Project Sponsors and Partners

City of Kufstein Tourismusverband Kufsteinerland


Festung Kufstein

Künstlerischer und technischer Umsetzungspartner

Artistic and technical implementation partner

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